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Transform Your Business & Become a Scalable Premiere Brand

There's one thing that's keeping you from becoming the highly sought-after brand you were made to be;


I've seen it over and over, time and time again. I am proud to say that I've pinpointed the common factor that's hindering businesses from growing and I'm here to give you the secret. I've worked with various professionals and businesses with great potential and expectations to excel but struggles in the limelight, and can't figure out how to be seen as a true industry leader. They can't quite put their finger on what's wrong or what's missing.

It truly is purely the savior faire. The missing piece is the know-how! Here are three simple steps you can take to be well on your way to becoming the brand you were meant to be. In this easy guide, you'll get clued in on these first steps you'll need to take.

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The Blueprint. 

Yes. I said it. You must put in the work. Presentation is everything, and the presentation is not just aesthetic; it’s also holistic. Your business is your home, and the most substantial part of a house is the foundation. Therefore, you can’t build a house without rolling out the blueprint and laying out the specs or the details.

We must first take the time to research our industry and all that is needed to scale into the billion-dollar business you are meant to be. Design your business, so it is scalable, so don’t have to start over.


Your tribe

Consider your audience or your tribe. Whom are you going after? Who is it that you want to serve ultimately? Knowing who you can help defines where you should be positioning your business, what networking events you should attend, what social media platforms you should utilize, etc.

Write down whom you feel your target audience is. Where do they usually spend time (on and offline)? What conferences or webinars are they attending, and where do they go for help/information regarding your subject area?


Your competition.

Take a look at your competition. Who's already playing in this space? Review their websites, social media, following, any article they have published and where.

All of these things will give you important clues on how to position yourself to be seen and regarded as the choice- and not an option - in your industry. Take note of 3-5 competitors in your space and study up on their digital presence. Make notes of what you do and don't like in their presentation.

"Branding is telling your story to the audience before the audience tells it for you; therefore, branding begins at inception." -Kenyetta Gordon

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Now go deeper.

These three tips are awesome, but trust me, these tips are just scratching the surface of what's possible when you focus on crafting your premier business brand. To get more help on making the most of your brand opportunity, check out Create The Brand: Coaching Community Webinars. Value-packed guidance plus exercises. Every entrepreneur and personal brander will find something useful in this workshop to maximize their industry impact and build their tribe. 

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What are others saying?


The key item I gained from our sessions was to focus on the 1 business I run that I have the most passion for, which is video production. Since that conversation, my business has been making strides and growing! Ms. Gordon is a professional, very attentive, creative strategist that is full of plausible ideas.

— Daniel Fitch.

I attended Kenyetta Gordon's training session, "Are You Your Walking Board" during one of the Atlanta Black Chamber meetings.  Ms. Gordon was very knowledgeable on the topic of branding and shared so many golden nuggets to help me view my brand holistically- from my presence, my company's, and even from a customer perspective.   She went beyond the tools of branding and educated the audience on strategy (one key takeaway was that branding begins at inception) and execution.  Very informative!

— Michelle Glover

My Journey Unlimited & Atlanta Black Chambers - Chairwoman (Women's League)

"Kenyetta’s concept of “are you your walking billboard?” really puts things into perspective when measuring your brand’s marketing efforts. She really makes you think about your personal and professional brand as one. She also provides ways for this to be feasible without added stress."
Patrina King (Golf Women Mean Business)

I was so impressed with the Kenyetta. She helped us to restructure our proposal for service and provided us with steps to developing appropriate content for our next campaign. Kenyetta is professional and knowledgeable.

— Charessa Sawyer (Event Therapy Network)

Meet Your Coach.

Kenyetta L Gordon is

The founder of Create The Brand and EVP of Marketing & Operations at International Supply Partners, LLC. She is also a Certified Entrepreneurship & Business Coach, and speaker to high-performing sales professionals and business owners nationwide. She specializes in transforming business and professionals into industry thought leaders - taking their brand and business to the next level.


"Not only does she know her stuff, but Kenyetta is especially adept at helping people view their brand holistically - from their presence to a company and customer perspective."

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